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At Elite Dental Experience, we know that modern dentistry is an ever evolving discipline.  Dr. Echard has researched and perfected the use of high quality, highly sought after modern dental equipment. Please take a few minutes to get to know some of the items that Dr. Echard and the team will be using to ensure that you and your family receives the highest quality of treatment available.

3 Dimensional Imaging (X-Rays)

Orthophos SL by Sirona

The Sirona Orthophos SL 3D X-Ray allows Dr. Echard and his team to be well prepared for a wide variety of treatment situations.  This type of digital examination gives us the ability to precisely and accurately plan for implant placement, root canal therapy, extraction of hopeless/infected teeth, wisdom tooth extraction, and even examine for anatomical abnormalities (TMJD/Airway). Dr. Echard will examine your results and provide you with treatment recommendations.

2 Dimensional Imaging (X-rays)

Shick33 by Sirona

While 3-D imaging takes the cake for identifying larger more significant problems, 2-D imaging is still the standard of care for early cavity detection. After all, early cavity detection and treatment means your fillings will be smaller, less invasive, and less likely to not compromise your already delicate teeth any more than necessary. Not to mention, these x-rays develop immediately so there is no need to wait!

Digital Impressions

Digital Intra-Oral Impression by Medit i700

No more yuck! Well, almost no more. While there are still certain situations where the old, tried and true, “goopy material” impression technique is needed to get the best results, the vast majority of crown, bridge and implant dentistry can be improved upon with digital “goopy free” impression technique. Dental restorations made from a digital impression are significantly more detailed than older impression methods. The extra level of detail results in crowns, bridges and implants that fit more accurately, take less time to make, and usually fit right the first time. The more accurate the fit of the dental restoration, the easier it is to clean and care for, setting you up for long lasting, predictable results.

Magnification and Illumination

Orascoptic 2.5x Zoom Loupe and Endeavour Illumination

Was your old dentist constantly squinting and fiddling with the detachable light while trying to see which tooth of yours they were working on? The old baseball adage that you can’t hit what you can’t see applies equally as well in dentistry! Dr. Echard believes so strongly that his dental loupe and light give him such a superior clinical advantage that he has invested in both ptoducts for each of his clinical staff.  You will see and feel the difference.  Now that your dental team can properly see into your mouth, there is no more guesswork!

Laser Dentistry

AMD Picasso Dental Diode Laser

Sharks with frick’in laser beams attached to their foreheads! All Austin Powers jokes aside, lasers in modern dentistry can be a nice convenience. The most common use is to help speed up and significantly reduce discomfort associated with the common mouth ulcers (canker sores) that so many of us get. Using a laser to deaden the nerve endings on these painful little (or sometimes not so little) ulcers makes them a lot less noticeable and will have them healing in no time.  Did we mention that this can be accomplished without even being numbed? How cool! Dental lasers are also handy should the need for something more serious arise; such as the need for a biopsy, removal of skin tag or excess tissue, or treatment of periodontal gum disease. Lasers are different than older oral surgery techniques in that they seal off the wound as they work, eliminating the need for stitches and decreasing post-operative discomfort.


The technology listed above is just a part of the investment made by Dr. Echard and the Elite Dental Experience team to ensure you receive the highest quality care.  This equipment allows us the ability to give you an accurate picture of your current overall dental status, while also providing a strong foundation for building treatment options and recommendations.  Our ultimate goal is to educate you on whats going on with your own mouth and teeth. Once you understand your situation, making the right choice for yourself is usually pretty easy.



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